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How Should A Well Hair Transplantation Planned ?

How Should A Well Hair Transplantation Planned; Which program do you apply for an individual saying “I have a strong social environment and my economic status is well; I want to have a very good hair transplantation; it should be natural enough and satisfy me”?

First, I have to see the patients at least 24 hours before the date he/she thinks to have operation. Because cases where people are suffering mostly are less hair root transplantation, losses on external staying period of hair roots removed and the most important is incomplete growing of the roots transplanted; therefore it is important for me to prepare the hair transplantation area before and supportive treatment after transplantation procedure.

Well, you say that transplantation is not enough, follow-up and supportive treatment are required before and after the procedure. How does this process work, what do you do?

First, we apply P.R.P. on the transplantation area 24 hours before the transplantation. PRP is a solution obtained by collecting about 9 ml blood from your body and centrifuging this blood and separating the platelets in the laboratory.

It is possible to define platelets as recovery cells of our body; these cells perform wound healing, stop bleeding and perform healing process. We apply these cells onto the hair roots with small needles and we prepare the patient for the transplantation and call her/him on the next day.

We aim maximum hair roots that may be removed by considering the need instead of giving an exact number, however, a lower limit exists in general; we care not to be below 3500 root count generally.

What should be cared during hair transplantation?

It definitely requires patience and accuracy. To remove sufficient roots, to place the roots removed one by one…These procedures are difficult and require patience and control is very important at this stage; the physician that you contact with should keep the process under control; sometimes we loose our patience in some cases, you may see your roots in the wastebasket.

Transplantation lasts about 6 to 8 hours; first 2 to 2.5 hours are for root removal; to open channels where hair roots will be transplanted will last 1 hour; the period before transplantation procedure lasts about 3.5 to 4 hours; transplantation is performed during remaining period.

The important issue here is external stay period of roots and the ingredient of the solution where such roots are kept. First, hair roots should be put in an order during removal and first roots removed should be planted first so that the root removed should be planted within a period about 4 hours; alignment is performed regularly and if such order is followed in transplantation, the root which stays outside stay for about 5 hours and general belief in Turkey and also in Europe is that roots may be alive for 6 hours; we perform high root count transplantations on time.

Furthermore, we add PRP into the solution that we keep hair roots and reduce the root death possibility by continuing to feed with our own plasma.And finally, after the transplantation; we definitely perform the first washing after 24 to 48 hours and we show the patient hot to wash her/his hair for one week, because crusting on these hairs should end within 10 days; otherwise roots are exposed to trauma by crust movements and can not take the oxygen locally.

We call the patient for first control visit and ensure termination of crusting and we apply pressured oxygen by a mask. We recommend minoxil use for about four months and we call the patient back for PRP application at the 6nd week; we call the patient for local oxygen mask application during this time when she/he is available, this procedure lasts about 5 to 10 minutes. We observe the happy end within about six months.

This seems a very long and difficult procedure; is such effort required for an operation?

Yes, it seems tiresome and long when we tell, but PRP lasts bout 20 minutes and oxygen mask lasts about 5 to 10 minutes; therefore procedures beyond transplantation stage are not so difficult and long lasting. We suggest this process if you want a successful and first class work.

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