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Guaranty At Hair Transplantation

Guaranty At Hair Transplantation; Hair transplant surgery is an autograft transplantation. It is not possible to guess the body’s reaction 100% before and to take precaution against it at tissue and organ transplantation. In autograft transplantations success rate is higher than tissue and organ transplantation because it is transplanted from patient’s own tissue.

Experienced surgery team, approach of keeping follicle (like modified gradual motorised FUE, slow turnover rate of micromotor) raise the success rate at hair transplantation.

Post-op and pre-op supportive treatment procedure (such as finasteride, minoxidil, multivitamin, prp) will raise the success of hair transplantation.

At our clinic we do not have guaranty application. We promise a free revision of hair transplant surgery to patients whose hair loss rate about 30% or up and has enough donor area  for only patients satisfaction.

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