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Fue Hair Transplant

Fue Hair Transplant

Fue hair transplant, is among the most preferred hair transplantation procedures of recent times with the development of technology. Baldness, on the other hand, becomes history with the fue hair transplantation method.

FUE hair transplantation, which is very reliable and easy, is an operation that is often preferred by men. Hair transplantation with the Fue method has been applied since 2004. This hair transplantation procedure, which does not require a surgical operation, is performed by removing hair located at the back of the head.

This method, which is a permanent solution for baldness and changes the person’s appearance all around, is the most common hair transplantation procedure performed by specialist physicians.

FUE hair transplantation, which must be done by experienced and fully professional people, ensures that your appearance changes clearly. Fue hair transplantation is a hair transplantation method that is done with care and is very popular after the procedure is completed.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation done?

FUE hair transplant is a procedure that requires attention and should be performed by specialist physicians. There are very important physicians who perform FUE hair transplantation.

The procedure is carried out by removing a certain amount of the hair at the back of the head and integrating it into the bald area. Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted and approximately 2500 to 3500 hair grafts are added to the bald area one by one.

The thing that needs to be done for the operation to be successful is to determine the root density of the planting area. This increases the success rate of the transplantation. Strands taken from the back of the head are collected with a micromotor and transplanted into the bald area one by one. FUE hair transplantation does not cause the patient any pain or aches. Local anesthesia is applied to the bald area before the procedure.

Who is suitable for FUE Hair Transplantation?

Having the FUE hair transplantation method provides many advantages to the person. The most important benefit is that the person feels good psychologically, and when he looks in the mirror, he sees that he has hair on his head, which makes him feel good. FUE hair transplantation is applied to every person suffering from baldness. It is not applied to babies and children who have not reached puberty. The reason why it is not applied is that hair continues to grow until a certain age.

Every person who has reached puberty and suffers from baldness can choose the FUE hair transplantation method and take advantage of its benefits. As long as attention is paid to the things to be done before and after, baldness is no longer the nightmare it used to be and people can continue their lives with fuller hair. It is the hair transplantation method that every bald person should definitely prefer and it is very reliable. If the skin in the bald part is inflicted with disease such as eczema and psoriasis, hair transplantation is not applied to that part with the FUE method.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method

FUE hair transplantation method, which has many benefits, is also performed at affordable prices. People who have had FUE hair transplantation enjoy the following advantages. It is a more modern and comfortable hair transplantation method compared to the previous hair transplantation methods.

It is a method that can be done not only in one go, but as several sessions. After the procedure, the person does not need to have his head wrapped and he can easily continue his daily life with a hat. It is a method that does not leave a trace, just like the fut technique.

Since it is a method performed without stitching, the maximum recovery period is 3 days and dressing is performed within this period. Since procedures such as incisions will not be performed in this hair transplantation method, the person is enjoys psychological well-being.

It is the most widely used method of hair transplantation in modern medicine. After the procedure, the person easily returns to work. Hair transplantation takes less time than with the Fut method. In addition to these advantages, the FUE hair transplantation method ensures that baldness is completely eliminated and hair grows again.

Before FUE Hair Transplantation

There are some procedures that physicians apply before FUE hair transplantation. The planting process, which takes approximately 6 to 7 hours, gives good results. Before transplantation, the hair to be taken from the back of the person’s necs is shortened to 1 mm. It should not be long. After hair is shortened, the donor part is anesthetized with local anesthesia and then the extraction process begins.

General anesthesia is not applied to the person during this procedure. The hair graft removal process takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. The hairs in the anesthetized donor part are pulled towards the combing direction with a device called micro motor and transplanted into the bald area. This process continues like this until transplantation is completed.

FUE Hair Transplantation Patients

The good results of people who have FUE hair transplantation depend on the good physician. Hair transplanted with the fue method by a good physician always gives good results. People who have had hair transplantation with the FUE method in 2020 are very satisfied.

They write in the comment section that they feel very good with their hair regrowing with Fue hair transplantation. These comments are a reference for people who want to have FUE hair transplantation.

FUE Hair Transplantation Recommendations

FUE hair transplantation method, which has been applied by specialist physicians in our country since 2004, is one of the successful and reliable operations. People who have FUE hair transplantation recommend this procedure to those who want to have it.

FUE hair transplantation, which is done with the latest technology equipment, is among the most recommended hair transplantation methods. If you want to get rid of the problem of baldness, you can definitely have FUE hair transplantation and have fuller hair.

After FUE Hair Transplantation

What happens after FUE hair transplantation is one of the issues people are most curious about. The post-transplantation process begins with the regrowth of hair. Hair transplanted with FUE hair transplantation will be shed in a short time. This may seem alarming at first, but actually it is not.

The hairs transplanted into the hair follicles will grow thicker this way, therefore there is no cause for alarm. Among the things recommended by specialist physicians to the patients is that the person should not wash his hair for 6 hours.

It is also recommended not to drive for a certain period of time. Even if this procedure is not done with a needle, applying anesthesia to the transplanted area will cause the person to experience dizziness. Therefore, the advice of the specialist doctor should be taken into consideration after transplantation.

After the transplantation, maximum attention should be paid to the area where the hair is transplanted. Unknown and poor quality shampoos should not be used for washing hair. Maximum attention is required for 15 days.

Fue Hair Transplantation Reviews

The FUE hair transplantation method, which is very successful and gives good results, ensures that the people who have had this procedure done before are satisfied. People who want to have hair transplantation with this method should read the comments of people who have had this procedure carefully.

They will be able to see what they will encounter with their own eyes and decide whether to have the procedure done or not. If you want to read the comments of people who have had this procedure before, you can visit the sites of famous physicians with a comprehensive research.

FUE Hair Transplantation Prices 2022

FUE hair transplantation, which is one of the most preferred methods as of 2021, is affordable and economical in terms of price. FUE hair transplantation price is proportional to the number of grafts to be taken. The procedure to be applied to the place where the transplantation will be made is completely proportional to the FUE hair transplantation prices.

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