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Can I have the same result at two different centers if I have transplanted the same number of grafts?

No. All of the patients are curious about the number of transpanted grafts or strands and will assume that the same result can be obtained if the same number is transplanted. But the experience of the surgeons, direction of transplantation, transplanting without damaging the graft, duration of the graft outside, the solution property that grafts stay outside and number of grafts /transplantation area ratio (density) is decisive in this issue. You will need to confirm the success and experience of the surgeon team who will make the operation.

What is the point to take into consideration before the surgery

You should not use aspirin, Ginkgo bıloba, ginseng, vitamin E or any other herbal products one week before the surgery that may increase bleeding.
Patients who have cardiac diseases, atherosclerosis, myocard infarctus, bypass surgery or stend operation history must give theır medıcal information to the doctor. For this reason if the patient uses any drugs that coencive to control bleeding, the drugs should not be used for a period under the doctor’s consultation.
Diabetic patients can make hair transplant but blood glucose levels must be controlled. Thyroid disorders are common, especially low thyroid hormone levels affect the success of the transplantation. If you have thyroid disorders your hormone levels must be within normal limits. Three nights before surgery, you should not drınk alcohol. On the day of the surgery you should wash your hair in the morning, and you should go to the clinic with a good breakfast.

What is the ratio of the transplanted hair extension?

There is no expert or method/technique that can give an answer to this question. Because after the hair grows it is hard to say ıf ıt is the transplanted or the existing haır. It is impossible to count the hair growth one by one. According to my personal experience on the frontal area extension of graft ratio is approximately 90-95%, on the vertex area this rate decreases to 70-75%. But emphasizing that these rates are made by very special experts and team. These success rates cannot be reached for all hair transplantations.

Can we fix hair not dense enough or thick and grow wrong side because of hair transplantation done before ?

Patients whose hair is not dense enough because of past hair transplant surgery can undergo a correction surgery if they have no diseases and the donor area is enough. We do correction operations at our clinic.
In this situation some hormone levels, vitamin and mineral levels will be checked. Eczema, skin reactions and secondary infection scars have to be checked and then we can make a decision.
We apply to methods on thick and wrong side growth hair transplant correction. Firstly if grafts are so big and wide we displant these grafts cut into single grafts then transplant again with natural phrase. On the second technique; we camouflage the bad view by transplanting dense and single grafts around and between to these thick grafts. In other words we hide these hair islet by dense transplantation and make vague.

What do a good hair transplant surgery commit?

Three things will commit by a talent surgeon. A transplantation that ensure natural view and can not easily be realized on the first view (single roots on the front side, two three roots mix grafts that volumize on the posterior, adhere to natural hair growth side and natural frontal line). Patient will not have post-operation scar. Should make the surgery at the maximum hair dense (50-60% of normal hair dense) and natural view.

How many sessions do I have hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgey can make at repetitive sessions. This is based on the width of the hair loss area. If the transplantation area is completely bald 2 sessions will be good and dense transplantation will be made(50% ratio of normal hair dense). Every targeted sessions raise the dense ratio up to 25%-35%. So 50%-60% dense of hair will be perfect by two sessions of hair transplantation. The period between two sessions must be at least 40 days up to 6 months according to the method.

Is the hair transplant surgery painful?

Most of the time, patient feel pain only during the injection of local anesthesia. When the anesthesia injection finished pain does not occur. But if the surgery takes long the effect of anesthesia will be diminishable fort his reason another injection should be done again. If neccessary 8-12 hour anesthesia can be obtained by doing nerve block. With the help of giving strong analgesic by the end of the operation patient prevents from post-op pain.
In some cases, if patient has injection fear and agitation oral sedatives for sedation or intravenous sedation can be done. I want to notice that at our clinic intravenous sedation done by anesthesia doctor for hair transplant surgery is very low and we do not prefer. We do not accept the general anesthesia requests.

What are the complications and adverse effects of hair transplant surgery?

The complication and adverse effect of hair transplant surgery is very low and insignificant.
Some minor complications can be at hair transplant surgery like every surgery procedure.
Redness on the transplanted area will take up to 2-8 weeks.
After hair transplantation thinning of the existing hair can be seen for a couple of months.
Post-op pain and scar on the transplanted area will be desteroyed at 7-10 days.
Dull ache occurs after fue operations for one night, 2-3 nights after fut operation.
Topognosis and torpor passes after fue operations immediately, rarely torpor takes long time.
For itch precaution is taken by medication and washing. Ache can be on the donor area post-op 5 to 6 days, this ache can pass by anti imflammatory and analgesic.
Tubercle on the scalp can ocur on the 3rd day and can pass 3-5 days.
Cyst formation: in a couple of weeks spontaneous remission occurs and it seems like very small pustule on the transplantation area.
We have hardly ever seen infection but it can occur every surgery theoretically.
Post-op scar occurance take a long time, if scar is not cleared mycosis can ocur.

What is the dense of hair planned as a result of hair transplant surgery?

Human eye can’ t recognize the dense between 50%-100%. If we asssume the donor area’ s hair dense 100%, the dense ratio will be at least 50% of natural hair. At first session 25%-35% dense ratio will be transplanted according to the patient’s hair thickness, donor area’s situation, hair colour, patient’s age and sex and even hair/skin colour type. Then a second sessions can be recquired to raise this rate up to 50%-60%.

Are there any difference or hair loos on my normal hair after hair transplant surgery?

Yes. Your normal hair around the transplanted grafts can get thinner or temporal hair loss can ocur. This stiuation can be seen as existing hair loss on tranplantation area.
This situation finishes about two months and spontaneously get beter.
Temporal hair loss and getting thin of the existing hair is called ‘Telogen Effluvia’. This situation should not discomfort patient until the new hair grows because it is temporal.

When and how my hair grows?

After the hair transplant surgery transplanted hair is getting lost on the first month. Hair follicle’ s settling, completing growing phase and growing takes 3 months. Growing the first hair takes 3-6 months. The we are expected hair to be 1 cm. First hair is curly or wavey, thin and colorless. Over time hair becomes straight, thicker and colour forms by the help of sun.

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