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Examination And Analysis

Examination And Analysis; Before hair transplantation, the area that hair transplantation will be performed should be examined and analyzed. In the hair transplantation examination which must be performed by the specialists who will apply the procedure, the treatment and treatment period planning are done.

Treatment period of all hair transplantation procedure is told to the individual who will have hair transplantation in detail during the examination.

Hair transplantation areas, size of the transplantation, procedure period and technical details are decided after assessment of the information obtained during examination. A healthy examination for hair transplantation is very important for a healthy and better hair transplantation result.

Gap or rareness area level is measured in this examination, status and density of existing hair roots on the nape area are analyzed. If the individual has sufficient hair on the nape area to close the gap, HAIR TRANSPLANTATION is applied, if this area is not sufficient, information is provided about other methods.

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