Modified FUE - Yaman Implanter®

Dr. Yaman uses sapphiere blade for incision step, low speed modified micro motor for extraction step and Yaman Implanter for implantation step.

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In order to schedule a professional evaluation of your condition, please corretly answer questionnaire and upload your pictures to this form.

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Programme From Arrival To Departure

After having had your researches, online or face-to-face consultations with different clinics and doctors, you have decided that Dr. Yaman Hair Clinic is the right place for your expectations.

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What we do

Consultation Step

First of all, we analyze the capacity of donor area to define the exact number of graft which can be extracted from donor area by evaluating and measuring hair thickness, hair density on donor area, proportions of multiple follicles and area of donor. During this step, individual’s skin structure and possible skin problems are taken into consideration too. Later, we make measurement on the recipient area by considering hair thickness and proportions of multiple follicles and we calculate the exact number of graft which will be transplanted per square cantimeter on frontal, mid and crown areas. In the light of all calculations, individual’s expectaion and suitability for hair transplantation are determined before the operation. With detailed hair analysis we spot patient related risk factors and make the desicion on hair transplantation with exact calculations and measurements.

Before The Operation

After hair analysis step, we prepare the patient for operation and accompany to the operating room. In our clinic, all of the operating rooms are arranged in conformity with the criteria of regulations of The Ministry Of Health, Republic of Turkey. The flor and the walls were built with an antibacterial material and sterilization of all operating rooms are under sutiable conditions. Operating equipments are sterilized in the criteria of The Ministry Of Health. In the operating room, final preparations are completed. Frontal hair line is drawn symmetrically after measuring individual’s features dy Dr. Yaman himself who is a professional on hairline design. After that, operating area of patient is cleaned with antiseptic solution and local anesthesia is applied. Local anesthesia is applied with a dental neddle or depending on individual’s tenderness we can preanethesie with neddle free injector device. In the second methode, which provides an easier local anesthesia, anaesthetic is applied under the skin with the help of pressure without a neddle.

During The Operation

Transplantation step is performed with a spesific implanter which has been developed and taken out a patent by Dr. Resul Yaman. Different than classic implanter technique, in this spesific implanter hair follicles are taken from the upside of expert staff’s hand and they are pushed under the skin with the help of slice bar. The hair follicles are replaced under the skin without being touched by skin or forceps and by preventing any possible trauma which may be caused by crash or smash. So a possible damage on hair root, which may be caused by professional staff’s incidental mistake or causes making transplatation harder like hard skin structure, etc., can be prevented. You can reach a video of Yaman Implanter here: Different than classic implanter technique, in this spesific implanter, incision step is performed first so we aim to define hair roots growing directions correctly, the homogenization per square centimeter and the proportional hair density. In the operations, where the number of graft is high, implantation step is performed by two technicians. This may risk the homogenization and hair roots growing directions at right and left sides. This risk is minimized by the methode where incision step is performed only by one person at the beginning of the operation. Also, because of that it is possible to create smaller incisions in the size of spesific implanter’s diameter than incisions which is created with forceps, this new implanter provide us denser transplantations. In our clinic, we minimize the operation related risk factors and prioritize surgical approachment for hair root protection.

Post-operative Process

After your operation you receive your guarantee certificate which indicates operational number of grafts (single, double and triple grafts. After 12 months, if %30 or more of implanted hair does not grow up, our clinic covers the operational expenses and we invite you for a reutouch operation. Please be reminded that to use your guarantee certificate, you will have to follow Dr. Yaman’s recommendations and post-operative instructions.

In order to schedule a professional evaluation of your condition, please corretly fill-in the space related to your personal and contact information and upload your pictures to this form.

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